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We're A.G. Plumbing, and we're a plumbing service based in Eagle, ID. We offer a wide range of services including toilet repairs, water heater repairs, mold remediation, and so much more! We're looking forward to partnering with Treasure Valley consumers to continue providing the community with exceptional service. We'd like to personally invite you to contact us today for all of your plumbing needs.

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Eagle, ID | Kuna, ID | Boise, ID | Middleton, ID | Meridian, ID | Caldwell, ID | Nampa, ID | Garden City, ID

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On 4/2/2024 Daisy May had this to say:
We found AG plumbing and our plumber Adam to be knowledgeable and excellent customer service! We have never had a better plumber! Curt Funk and Devon Harrison Thank You!

On 1/27/2024 Scott A Brown had this to say:
My hot water heater decided to spring a leak. Contacted my home warranty people and they put out the word. Within 1 hour I was contacted by my home warranty people. They told me that AG Plumbing would be out the next day to repair the leak. Adam from AG plumbing showed up and had the repair completed in no time. Super nice guy. My hot water heater is 15 years old, so I asked for an estimate for a complete replacement that included everything from the inlet on down. Was what I expected and not overpriced. Adam even took a little time just to chat. Great customer service. Testimonial written by Scott A Brown on this site.

On 12/26/2023 Timothy C.Elite 23 had this to say:
Few months back, my toilet started acting weird. I don't know the first thing about them. So I asked my roommate. He usually knows about this sorta thing. He didn't this time lol. So for a few days the only way I'd get it to flush was to keep turning it off and on from behind the damn thing. I kept telling him, I just know this is gonna totally screw it up. It did. So wow! Turns out I knew one thing about toilets other than knowing how to use them haha! So he would fill the tank part up and if it was full, d he able to flush it. I was hell with that. I'm not gonna get a bucket of water every time. Thankfully we have 2 bathrooms lol. We called the insurance company and they sent out Adam. Adam walks into just the doorway of my bathroom and knew right away what was wrong with it. He didn't even have to touch the thing (until he replaced the issue) and he knew. Pretty insane haha, but a good insane. He definitely knows his craft. He fixed the issue and it was done within a matter of minutes and I thankfully had a functioning toilet again. It's weird after years of having your own bathroom to all the sudden have to share the other bathroom with someone else or rather, he share with me lol. As far as plumbers go, Adam is the best we have ever dealt with and the guy is soooo unbelievably nice. Again, knows his job and knows it amazingly. Thank God the insurance company sent him vs anyone else. We all know a lot of these guys who come out to our houses for any kind of issue..roof, plumbing, anything, we all kinda hope and pray they'll be super nice guys and that's not always the case. We definitely lucked out this time. Not sure what Adam charges separately but from what I read in other reviews, they didn't seem to have issues with costs. If you're on a fixed income though, any plumber can cost a lot of $$... depending on the issue of course. Glad we have the insurance though haha. Thanks Adam for a great job. Will definitely remember him the next time we have any issue. If we use the insurance, we can hope he would come out, if not, Adam is definitely someone we'd call for help with an issue. Thanks again and thanks for reading, Yelperbowls! Cheers!

On 7/27/2023 Les Walker had this to say:
Adam is great! Adam got to our place an hour before BIG plumbing company was to install $1700 new water heater and in 15 minutes put on a new part and presto, it lit and we have hot water and he only charged us $45 bucks!!! Go figure, he is the man and our only plumber from now on. Les

On 7/26/2023 Anonymous had this to say:
Life saver, saved us big bucks and did in minutes. Adam and his company know there stuff. Testimonial submitted anonymously directly to this site.

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Struggling with drips and cold showers? A.G. Plumbing has got you covered!

Services we proudly offer:
Water Heater Installation & Repair – No more cold surprises; enjoy the warmth you deserve.
Shower, Faucet & Toilet Repair – Say goodbye to leaks and hello to smooth-flowing tranquility in your bathroom.

Your comfort at home is just a call away with A.G. Plumbing!
Call: 208-716-3357


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